CS6 Guest Pager System For The UK

Guest recall solution including 7 pagers & transmitter complete for incredible price!

Why use a guest recall paging system?

If you run a busy Hotel or Restaurant you might well have guests that need to be recalled on many occasions. Delays in getting guests back (maybe because their table is ready or other reason) becomes a critical function because it will undoubtedly affect quality of service, efficiency and profitability.

Queue management is another important consideration where guests may form a queue. It is a fact that when someone sees a queue that they will often not bother in joining a queue but rather visit a competitor with no queue in sight.

A key feature is that the CS6 guest pager is that it can make any queue invisible. When guests are waiting, they are given a pager and are free to visit the bar or other service offered, and when its time for calling the guest back simply call them back at the touch of a button. Queue management is simple.

Unusually for any solution like this, the return on investment is very short - as low as six weeks, but with this incredible price that time is reduced substantially further to less than three weeks. The great news is that system life is usually as long as five years and we have seen some extended to over eight years of use.

How it works

When a guest is waiting, simply issue them with a CS6 pager and note down their name. When you need to call the guest back just press the button on the transmitter, the guest is paged and the guest will return as soon as possible.

The included transmitter can typically cover up to 1/2 mile in open air but easily covers most applications where guests are required back and has a massive 999 pager maximum. You can use more than one transmitter on site for the same pagers if necessary. Lastly the unit has a mains or rechargeable battery operation. When used on battery the transmitter will work for up to eight hours from one recharge. Great for use in Hotels and Restaurants.

Competitors are simply 'distributors' that cannot compete with LRS UK so don't expect to find a deal like this one from anywhere else - especially with that three year warranty!

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--- includes ALL components ---
Special low cost deal for the premium guest paging system with latest technology available today including a 3 year warranty in the UK. Used everywhere in the UK from high street to cafe and other business. LRS invented the coaster pager but this new system includes our latest technology CS6 digital technology guest pager with unique features not found on any competitive system.

These solutions are only available until we run out of current stocks so reserve your system now - corporate orders accepted immediately.
The complete system comprises of: 7 x CS6 Digital Patient Pager  |   1 x T9560MT Transmitter  |  1 x CS6 Charging base  |  2 x UK Power Supplies  |  Fully Programmed 
All Cables  |  3 Year Warranty  |  Free Technical Support  |  LRS Quality  |  LRS Technology  |  Other embedded Features

An Amazing Offer

This is the system for you! Our guest paging system is heads above any 'competitor'.

When you buy the best equipment you also have to have the big budget to match. But what if you really could buy the best USA products right here in the UK? These pagers are used throughout the world and this offer makes them half the price of other solutions in the UK.

 As an office of the manufacturer we can confirm that these digital guest paging solutions have great quality, pricing and support - all backed up with our three year warranty against manufacturing defects.

If you need extra pagers for your solution then just add them at only £29.00 each. For every 15 CS6 pagers you will require another pager charger - the system supports up to 15 CS6 pagers on one charger as standard, but adding extra charger bases at just £34.00 is easy... and for power they simply link together.

Please note that Shipping in the UK mainland is £20.00 (anywhere else costs more) and all prices exclude VAT.